Examples of Smart Farming Applications from Cyprus

In August 2020, the company Aquaponic Consultants Cyprus finished the construction of a ‘state-of-the-art’ aquaponics installation. The installation is not fully operational yet. According to the owners, the troughs are only 30 cm so for now they are focused on testing the production capacity by starting to grow ‘’green vegetables for salads’’. The installation ecosystem includes the cultivation of fish such as Koi fish, Guppies, Tilapia fish, goldfish, crayfish and more.

The vast majority of Aquaponics and Hydroponics applications in Cyprus can be found in online forums and social media, posted by enthusiasts who experiment and apply those methods at home. A prime example of such backyard applications is presented on Youtube by user Invictus Oilaomon (2014):

1. First, the installation base is created using common wooden cargo trays.

2. Then the installation roof and sidewalls are constructed using wood and plastic waterproof cover.

3. The construction of wooden growbeds.

4. Creation of an overflow return system using materials found at all DIY shops.

5. Growbeds are filled with river stones.

6. A fish tank is placed on top of the sump tank. Chemical analysis of the water should be carried out daily.

7. A control unit is installed, for controlling all electronics using solar energy exclusively.

8. The first plants are growing, in this case the owner planted avocado and bean plants.

An online seminar on May 12, 2020, which includes useful information, videos and all we need to know about Hydroponics in Cyprus was held. The agenda:

Commencement and development of Hydroponics

Advantages and Disadvantages

Production of Microleaves and sprouts

Their use in the chef’s world

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