‘Smart Farming 4.0 All’ Multiplier Event in Turkey

As an important project activity, “Smart Farming in Turkey!” event was held on 25th of November 2021 in Usak City of Turkey. The event was organized by Hakan Kanso, as project partner, in Ramada Hotel in Usak.

32 people from different sectors (Agricultural Directorate, Univesity, Commodity Exchange, Chamber of Agriculture, Chamber of Handcraftmen’s Association, SMEs, Farmers, Consultants, Students) participated in the meeting.

Agenda of the event was, as following;

  • Smart Farming 4.0 All Presentation (Objectives, Partners, Outputs, Activities, Erasmus+ Programme)
  • Presentation about Survey Results, Smart Farming 4.0 All Handbook, Smart Farming 4.0 All Training Curriculum
  • Smart Farming in the EU and Turkey, Best Practices of smart farming applications, Aquaponics and Hydroponic systems
  • Discussion session
  • Networking session

All participants declared their pleasures after event, because they gained valuable and further knowledge about smart farming. In the network session, Univerity and Commodity Exchange decided to organize larger meetings with leadership of Kans Consulting. This will be most important step for sustainabilty of the project.

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