‘Smart Farming 4.0 All’ Multiplier Event November 24th 2021 in Cyprus

The Smart Farming 4.0 All Multiplier Event in Cyprus took place on the 24th of November 2021. The Multiplier Event was organised and hosted by DEKAPLUS in Limassol at Curium Palace Hotel. The event was attended by 42 local participants representing the target groups and stakeholders of entrepreneurship, agriculture, business and education.

The event agenda included:

  1. Presentation of the overall Project Results and the context of Erasmus+
  2. Smart Farming in Europe and Research Results Presentation
  3. Smart Farming 4.0 All Handbook Presentation
  4. Smart Farming 4.0 All Curriculum and Corresponding Training Materials Presentation

Furthermore, the Multiplier Event presented an opportunity for all participants to network and get acquainted with local practice and exchange views and knowledge.

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