Demonstration of an Aquaponics System

From September 6 to 10, a course was held in Burgas, which is part of the aquaponics training system, developed in communication between specialists from five countries - Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey and Cyprus.

During the course, on September 9, at 14:00, in the Ecopark for Biodiversity and Alternative Tourism "Vaya" specialists from the Via Pontica Foundation, a leading project partner and experts from NAFA and the Thracian University demonstrated an aquaponic installation for home use, made with easily accessible materials.

The installation served as a demonstration unit to illustrate the sustainability and effectiveness of aquaponics in a small area and the active cooperation between business and science for further development of new technologies and to seek wider opportunities for aquaponics in the future in Bulgaria.

The demonstration showed that aquaponics is an innovative method that has the potential to produce large quantities of both vegetables and fish with minimal raw materials, without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, with the possibility of year-round production, in various locations and in any conditions without harm to the environment.

The desire of the teams working on the project is to create a basic system for aquaponics training, with the possibility of expansion, and the task of the participating trainers is through presentations and discussions to form a training course with a practical focus, which will be provided free of charge to the project website

An example of controlled organic farming, aquaponics has already gained worldwide recognition due to the fact that it is proving to be a reliable and sustainable method of growing food and will one day help feed millions of people around the world.

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